A plugin for OpenRCT2 that lets you edit vehicles on any ride in your park on the fly.

RideVehicleEditor plugin for OpenRCT2

This plugin lets you edit vehicles on any ride in your park on the fly.

(Image of monorail with edited vehicles)

Current features

  • Select and switch through all ride vehicles in your park.
  • Change the vehicle type for each vehicle independently.
  • Switch through different variants of the same ride type. (E.g. locomotive, tender or passenger car.)

Planned features

  • Modify spacing between different vehicles on the same train.
  • Modify properties like mass, number of seats, (powered) acceleration of each vehicle.


  1. Download the latest release from the Releases page.
  2. To install it, put the downloaded *.js file into your /OpenRCT2/plugin folder.
    • This folder is commonly found in C:/Users/<USER>/Documents/OpenRCT2/plugin.
  3. Once the file is there, it should show up ingame in the dropdown menu under the map icon.

Building the source code

This project is based on wisnia74's Typescript modding template and uses Nodemon, ESLint and TypeScript from this template.

  1. Install latest versions of Node and npm.
  2. Clone it anywhere to your PC.
  3. Open command prompt, use cd to change your current directory to the root folder of this project and run npm install.
  4. Find openrct2.d.ts TypeScript API declaration file in OpenRCT2 files and copy it to lib folder (this file can usually be found in C:/Users/<USER>/Documents/OpenRCT2/bin or C:/Program Files/OpenRCT2/openrct2.d.ts).
    • Alternatively, you can make a symbolic link instead of copying the file, which will keep the file up to date whenever you install new versions of OpenRCT2. To do this on Windows:
      • Run command prompt as administrator.
      • cd into the root folder of the repository.
      • Run mklink .libopenrct2.d.ts <path to openrct2.d.ts>.
  5. Run npm run build (release build) or npm run build:dev (develop build) to build the project.
    • The default output folder is (project directory)/dist and can be changed in and respectively.

Hot reload

This project supports the OpenRCT2 hot reload feature for development.

  1. Make sure you've enabled it by setting enable_hot_reloading = true in your /OpenRCT2/config.ini.
  2. Open and change the output file path to your plugin folder.
    • Example: C:/(user)/Documents/OpenRCT2/plugin/RideVehicleEditor.js.
    • Make sure this path uses / instead of `` slashes!
  3. Open command prompt and use cd to change your current directory to the root folder of this project.
  4. Run npm start to start the hot reload server.
  5. Start OpenRCT2 with console and load a save or start new game.
  6. Each time you save any of the files in ./src/, the server will compile ./src/registerPlugin.ts and place compiled plugin file inside your local OpenRCT2 plugin directory.
  7. OpenRCT2 will notice file changes and it will reload the plugin.


Don't touch app.js, even though it's just an empty file. Its existence makes Nodemon happy, and Nodemon is what does the watches your files for changes & fires off new dev builds for hot reloading.

Thanks to wisnia74 for providing the template for this mod and readme.