A plugin and Node app for OpenRCT2. Sends in-game chat to Discord and vice versa. Also sends alerts to Discord about various in-game events, such as the park rating dropping below a threshold for example.


Modify config.json5 with the appropriate parameters and start the server/bot with node index.js. Make sure the plugin (lib/discord-bridge.js) is installed and start up an OpenRCT2 multiplayer server.

Docker Setup

There are some additional steps for running this configuration in Docker. The plugin configuration needs to have the hostname set (see config/openrct2/ for an example). Then the OpenRCT2 configuration must be set to allow outbound traffic to the node server (see config/openrct2/config.ini). If you want to use Docker for both OpenRCT2 and the Discord bridge app, using Docker Compose can make your life a lot easier. See docker-compose.yml for an example on how that might look.