Restful OpenRCT2 API Host

  Using Node.js and the plugin API created by the OpenRCT2 team, OpenRCT2 Restful Api tracks game stats,
  and updates them after each in-game day. 

View Data live here


Install the api.js plugin like any other by moving it to


Making sure you have Nodejs installed, start the middleware with

node serverWatcher.js

before starting OpenRCT2. That's it.


Getting Your Park

Get a park by name with a simple GET request:

 GET: /api/parks/:parkName

Getting All Parks

Get a JSON object of all saved parks:

GET: /api/parks/:parkName

Posting a Park

This endpoint takes the various park stats. Meant for use by serverWatcher.js:

POST: /api/parks/
{name, value, cash, rating, admissions, parkMax, currentGuests, playersOnline, rides, gameDay, gameMonth, gameYear}