An ES6 boilerplate to create OpenRCT2 plugins with

OpenRCT2 plugin boilerplate

This boilerplate project (starting point to create OpenRCT2 plugins with) allows you to create a multi-file ES6 OpenRCT2 plugin and have it transpiled to a single ES5 file (Which OpenRCT2 supports).


  • Clone or download the project and put it somewhere on your computer.
  • Run npm install to install all the required packages (Download Node.js if npm is not recognized).
  • In the package.json and src/index.js, replace MYPLUGINNAME with the name of your plugin, and replace OPENRCT2PATH with the path to your OpenRCT2 directory.


You can build your project using the following commands:

  • npm run build Manually build the project
  • npm run watch build Automatically build everytime a source file is updated If the installation was done correctly the transpiled JS file can be found in both the build directory and in the plugin directory of OpenRCT2. With hotreloading enabled and the watch command being used you no longer have to restart the game, and move files around manually.


You can create your project in the src directory. The index.js file is the root of your project, from there feel free to import other modules (files).

Helper Suggestions

Check out OliUI if you plan on incorporating a custom window in your plugin. OliUI takes away the hassle that comes with having to position every single UI element manually and instead lets you focus on the functionality. OliUI is an ES6 module that is compatible with this boilerplate. Simple copy the OliUI module file into your project's src/ folder and import the module.

import Oui from "./OliUI";