OpenRCT2 plugin that adds extra track features like dual loading stations.

Please Note: Changes made with AdvancedTrack are saved automatically. The save data is tied to the park name and not the park save file. Make sure to use a unique park name to prevent conflicts. AdvancedTrack save data does not transfer from user to user. This will be improved when the new save file format is released.

Advanced Track

Advanced Track is a plugin that allows users to setup more advanced logic based track features. Right now the plugin can primarily be used to create switch tracks.

You can select a location for a vehicle sensor, and the location of a switch track, the track at the switch track is re-ordered whenever a vehicle passes over the sensor (when the last car on a train leaves the sensor tile).

This can in turn be used to create complex systems like a functional dual loading stations, or alternating track routes.


Download the latest AdvancedTrack.js file from the releases page: And place it in OpenRCT2/plugin, you can now access the tools via the map toolbar.

Check my tutorial if you're new to Plugins and/or Github:


Tutorial Video