Project aiming to add the OpenRCT2 Twitch stream integration back in using a plugin. Sponsored by

OpenRCT2 Stream Integration

This plugin allows you to enable Twitch integration with OpenRCT2. Plugins cannot communicate with Twitch directly, make sure to run the OpenRCT2 Stream Integration Relay simultaneously.


  • This plugin requires OpenRCT2 Release v0.4.0 (or higher, not yet available), or OpenRCT2 Develop v0.3.0 (or higher)


  • Download the most recent plugin file here (StreamIntegration.js )

  • Move/copy StreamIntegration.js to <OpenRCT2 folder>/plugin (Usually at documents/OpenRCT2/plugin)

  • Install the OpenRCT2 Stream Integration Relay (installation steps here)

Running the OpenRCT2 Stream Integration for Twitch

  • Run start.bat from the Relay's installation folder (On Windows), or: Navigate a command prompt to the project folder and run npm run start
  • Your default browser may open asking you to log into Twitch, and give permission for the OpenRCT2 Stream Integration to keep track of channel activities
  • Wait for the command prompt to show "All systems are up and running"
  • Run OpenRCT2 and load a park
  • Open the Twitch Stream Integration window under the map icon and verify that the status is "Connected"