🎢Always "Wait for: full load" before a trains departs!

🎢 Always 'Full load' - An OpenRTC2 plugin

Always Wait for: Full load before a train departs! (... and other sensible default settings!)



This plugin will configure all rides in your park everyday:

  • Wait for: 'Full load'
  • Enable 'Maximum waiting time'
  • Inspection: 'Every 10 minutes'

Also, if a ride has the default RCT2 operating settings:

  • Minimum waiting time: '1seconds'


  • Download dist/full-load.js
  • Make sure the file extension is .js, and not .js.txt
  • Place full-load.js in OpenRCT2/plugin (on Windows this is usually in your Documents folder)
  • (Re)start OpenRCT2
  • Click and hold the map icon. When you see Always 'Full load' the plugin is running!


These 'Full Load' settings match my personal playing style. I made this plugin so that I don't have to edit the settings every new ride. They are not perfect or universal. Feel free to copy the source code and make some changes!


This is based on a template, see openrct2-typescript-mod-template for instructions on how to develop with hot reloading. MIT Licensed.