Subject your park to the ravages of time.

Abandoned Park - a plugin for OpenRCT2

  • Do you like abandoned theme parks?
  • Did you enjoy the map Rotting Heights?
  • Are you looking for a challenging fixer upper?

This could be the plugin for you!

Installation and Usage

  • Download the AbandonPark.js file.
  • Move the file into the plugin folder for your openrct2 installation
  • Select AbandonPark from the map drop down menu
  • Press Abandon Park button down the bottom!

Recommended for best results

  • Ensure cheat menu is enabled in options.
    • Open the Object Selection window from the cheat menu (Hold the cheat menu button for the drop down)
    • Have the following Scenery Groups or Individual Objects (Using advanced mode) selected:
    • Shrubs and Ornaments
    • Shrubs x 2
    • Bush ('rct2.tsh3', 'rct2.tsh5', 'rct2.tsh0')
    • Jungle Themeing
    • Bush x 4
    • Spooky Themeing
    • Dead Tree x 3
    • Africa Themeing
    • Low Bush


  • Global scale will multiply all probabilities.
  • The probability values in the gui probability of each event happening per iteration
  • The destroyStructure probability that the the highest scenery/path is checked for removal run a maximum of times equal to the max scenery/path removal per tile (stopping if the probability fails) -destroyStructure checks the highest scenery/path item of a roof or wall type and may it based on the probability of that particular item type
  • Iterations is the number of times to run the plugin

Possible Future Improvements

  • Things that could be done now.
    • Make ugly GUI neater.
    • Remove floating scenery
    • Remove tracks in larger groups
    • Fade the paint on rides and scenery. (?)
  • Things that may be added once the plugin API supports them.
    • Automatically add unavailable objects.
    • Add trash to footpath.

Diamond Heights 2021-03-02 01-19-40 Alton Towers 2021-03-02 03-06-36 Six Flags Magic Mountain 2021-03-02 01-41-45