Restful OpenRCT2 API Host

Using Node.js and the plugin API created by the OpenRCT2 team, OpenRCT2 Restful Api tracks game stats, and updates them after each in-game day.

View Data live here


Get an api key from here

Local vs Remote

If you're hosting a server, use apiHost.js, else use apiLocal.js

Install the plugin like any other by moving it to


Making sure you have Nodejs installed, start the middleware with

node /serverWatcher.js -apitoken 

optionally, you can add -p to disallow the data from being displayed on the live view on the site. before starting OpenRCT2. That's it.


Getting Your Park

Get a park by name with a simple GET request:

 GET: /api/parks/:apiToken

Getting All Parks

Get a JSON object of all saved parks:

GET: /api/parks/:apiToken

Posting a Park

This endpoint takes the various park stats. Meant for use by serverWatcher.js:

POST: /api/parks/
{name, value, cash, rating, admissions, parkMax, currentGuests, playersOnline, rides, gameDay, gameMonth, gameYear, apiToken, public}