Plugin that adds enhanced destruction effects to your park


By Andrew Pratt

A plugin for OpenRCT2 that adds enhanced destruction effects to your park crash_effects

Current Features:

  • Causes coaster cars to change the surface material of the ground when they explode
  • Footpaths, ride tracks, and scenery can be destroyed in explosions
  • Footpath additions (benches, lamps, etc.) can be damaged and destroyed in explosions


  • Update the preview gif/thumbnail to show new features
  • Improve documentation for compiling

Extra Planned Features For The Future:

  • Creation of rubble scenery items


Copy CrashEffects.js to your OpenRCT2\plugin directory

Building The Plugin From The Source Code:

  1. Clone the git repository
  2. Create a new file in the same directory as "example_local_user.cfg.txt" and title it, "local_user.cfg"
  3. Populate local_user.cfg, using example_local_user.cfg.txt for reference
  4. Run powershell/setup.ps1
  5. *(OPTIONAL)- If you don't want the version of openrct2.d.ts in the lib directory (and have a good reason for not wanting it, i.e. make sure you know what you're doing!) Then you may overwrite lib/openrct2.d.ts with the version you want
  6. Make changes to source code, in the src directory
  7. To compile the plugin to a single javascript file, run powershell/build.ps1
  8. To deploy the compiled plugin to your local installation of OpenRCT2 for testing, run powershell/deploy.ps1
    • Alternatively, you may also manually copy bin/CrashEffects.js to your plugins directory
    • For convenience, you may run powershell/build_and_deploy.ps1 to execute both steps 7 and 8
  9. To delete compiled files, run powershell/clean.ps1
  10. Place any files that should be included in the release build in the distribution directory
  11. To create a compressed release build, run powershell/create_release_build.ps1
    • This MUST be done after compiling the plugin!
    • The release will be at release/