A simple plugin for doing the things I like to do in OpenRCT2.



Enable Min Wait On All Rides

When enabled: attempts to get a high throughput on all rides via this algorithm (ran once a day):

  • Sets "Wait for Any Load"
  • Sets min/max wait time to 1 second
  • If a ride doesn't have ride stats calculated yet, enable max wait time
  • Set the ride's lift speed to the maximum hill lift speed for the ride type
  • If a ride is using Continuous Circuit with Block Sections, set max wait time of 5 seconds and enable max wait time
  • If a ride has more than one station or can have more vehicles than a single station fits, enable "Leave if another train arrives"

Fire All Staff

Fires all staff in park

Replace All Staff

Fires and then rehires all staff (without zoning). Note that staff may get new names/numbers.


Takes all guests (or staff) and ensures they are on a path. If they are not, move them to a path.