A modded scenario for Open RCT2, featuring hungrier guests.


A modded scenario for OpenRCT2, featuring unique, hungry guests.

Scenario Description: Ghouls rise from the crypts! These unique guests get hungry much faster, and when they're starved, they'll explode other guests!


Two-Step Installation:

  1. Copy 'GhoulPark.js' into your plugins folder "C:\Users[YourName]\Documents\OpenRCT2\plugin"
  2. Copy 'Ghoul Graveyard.park' into scenario folder "C:\Users[YourName]\Documents\OpenRCT2\scenario"

Your guests will only be ghouls for scenarios with "Ghoul" in the name. You can make a 'Ghoul' version of any scenario by loading a savegame into the scenario editor, and saving it such as "Ghoul Amity Airfield".

Rules Your guests are all ghouls!

Every day, they will become hungrier. When their hunger bar is full, they will gain thirst and lose happiness. When their thirst bar is also full, they will lose happiness even faster and become nauseous. When their hunger, thirst, and unhappiness bars are at maximum, they will become an ANGRY GHOUL!

But if a ghoul is well-fed, they will be happier than a normal guest!

Angry ghouls have a chance to explode other guests who are on the same tile, or who are on the same ride. (For guests on rides, explosion happens after they exit the ride.) Guests who are exploded cause 'park casualty penalty' to rise, making your park rating go down.

To stop angry ghouls, place security guards. Security guards will explode angry ghouls within a range of 6 tiles! You do not get 'park casualty penalty' when security explodes angry ghouls. (When an angry ghoul is exploded while in a queue, they will lose all their energy and not attack other guests, and will explode after finising the ride.)

Every month, you get a summary alert of how many ghoul attacks, security defenses, and current angry ghoul numbers are in your park.

'Park casualty rating' restores faster than normal. Ghouls are forgiving!


  1. Long queue lines can cause ghouls to become angry. Keep queues short, so that ghouls can get food whenever they need to.
  2. Make sure food is available in all areas of the park. Keep food prices affordable.
  3. Place security routes around ride queues and exits.

Other Notes I've spent a lot of time balancing this mod to make it fair & fun! In effect, it should be like a regular park, but with guests who have more needs, and are more punishing for not taking care of them.