Plugin for OpenRCT2 to edit rides based on colour schemes.

OpenRCT2 Ride Editor

This plugin allows you to edit parts of a ride based on the colourscheme. You can:

  • raise/lower the track
  • make the track invisible
  • change the type of the track
  • add/remove chainlift to the track



Copy the RideEditor.js file to your OpenRCT2\plugin folder. In game the menu "Ride Editor" will appear. If you still have a RideHeight.js file in your plugin folder remove this one.


2.3 - Changed the ride dropdown into a seperate window with the option to sort by id and name and added buttons to easily go to the next and previous ride.

2.2 - The editor now remembers the last ride you edited and will show this one again if you open the window

2.1 - Added option to add/remove chainlift to the track

2.0 - Improved UI and added option to make parts invisble and change the ride type. Renamed to "Ride Editor"

1.1 - Added option to select a specific colourscheme to apply changes to.

1.0 - Initial version.