Inspect soft guest cap for each ride type.

OpenRCT2 Soft Guest Cap Inspector

I made this plugin because I want to know bonus value from each ride but Sadret's Soft Guest cap Calculator only provide total value. So, I combine with Basssiiie's Park Rating Inspector.

Note: Park with Harder Guest Generation doesn't work properly, because some field that use in calculation doesn't get exposed to plugins.


Table can be sort by clicking column header.


  1. Download the latest version of the plugin from the Releases page.
  2. To install it, put the downloaded *.js file into your /OpenRCT2/plugin folder.
  • Easiest way to find the OpenRCT2-folder is by launching the OpenRCT2 game, click and hold on the red toolbox in the main menu, and select "Open custom content folder".
  • Otherwise this folder is commonly found in C:/Users//Documents/OpenRCT2/plugin on Windows.
  • If you already had this plugin installed before, you can safely overwrite the old file.
  1. Once the file is there, it should show up ingame in the dropdown menu under the map icon.