Free for all plugin suite for OpenRCT2 multiplayer


Free for all plugin suite for OpenRCT2 multiplayer. Use all plugins or only some. The limit is in your mind.

Still a work in progress.


Players cannot make any changes to rides that they didn't make.


General anti-griefing measures. Currently only prevents opening a ride with no path connected to its exit.


Kicks players for performing too many griefy actions too quickly.


Set a player's group to IP-BAN and they will be kicked and blocked from reconecting until the ban expires. Watch as they try to reconnect but to no avail! The default ban time is 60 minutes but can be adjusted in via ip-ban.timeout. IP's are sent to all server admins by default, but this can be disabled by setting ip-ban.log-in-chat to false.


Toggles 4 cheats on launch (disable vandilism, plants don't age, disable all breakdowns, and ride value doesn't decrease), and keeps grass clear.


Each player has their own funds that they use for building. Money is earned from the rides that they build.


Prevents the construction of prefabricated track layouts. Track designs cause problems with ffa-ownership and ffa-individual-economy, so this plugin prevents them from being built in the first place. It's due to a bug where nested actions don't report the player performing it.