A plugin for OpenRCT2 to automatically create screenshots on a timed interval.

Screenshotter for OpenRCT2

This plugin for will automatically save full-size screenshots of your park on a fixed interval.


  • Viewport
    • Rotation angle: Set the angle to take the screenshot from. You can also have the tool take all four angles at once.
    • Zoom level: Set the zoom level / resolution for the screenshot. 1:1 will be an exact pixel-level view. (16:1 and higher are basically useless, but it was easy enough to include them.)
  • Interval: Set how often we want to take the screenshot. We need two values: the units (see below), and the amount.
  • Transparent background: If checked, the saved PNG file will have a transparent background instead of black.
  • Enabled: Turn the tool on or off.
  • Take a screenshot now: Take a giant screenshot now, with the selected viewport options.

These settings will persist between parks. When loading a park, the plugin will warn you if the tool is turned on, in case you don't want to automatically start taking screenshots.

Types of units

  • In-game days: Takes a screenshot at the beginning of every day, every n days
  • In-game months: Takes a screenshot on the first day of each month, every n months
  • In-game years: Takes a screenshot on March 1st of each year, every n years
  • Ticks: Takes a screenshot after the specified number of ticks have elapsed. Warning! This can cause noticeable slowdown if you set this value too low. Settable in increments of 100.
  • Real-time seconds / minutes / hours: Takes a screenshot at the specified real-time interval. (This will happen regardless of whether the game is paused.)


Warning! This plugin may cause performance issues under certain settings. The game may freeze briefly while the screenshot is saving, especially when saving a 1:1-size screenshot. Make sure to not set the interval too low when using this size.

Planned features

  • Custom filename / directory

Please submit any ideas under issues.


  1. This plugin requires at least OpenRCT2 version v0.3.3 (release) or the newest develop version.
  2. Download the latest version of the plugin from the Releases page.
  3. Put the downloaded .js file into your /OpenRCT2/plugin folder.
  4. The plugin settings window can be found in-game in the dropdown menu under the map icon.

Modifying this plugin

This plugin's codebase is based on wisnia74's TypeScript template. See the steps in Basssiiie's Ride Vehicle Editor plugin README for instructions on building and running the source code.


Thanks to wisnia74 for providing the template for this mod and readme. Thanks to Basssiiie for additional templating for the source code and this README.