OpenRCT2 plugin for managing remote servers


Execute server operations by using commands in chat or over a TCP connection.


If initiating these over in-game chat, the command must be proceeded by a ! or a /. The player must also have the kick_player permission.

  • quit - Aborts the server process immediately
  • save [filename] - Saves the park. An optional filename can be specified.
  • pause - Pauses/unpauses the game
  • capture [param: value ...] - Takes a screenshot and saves it to the screenshot directory. The following otional parameters can be provided: filename, width, height, x, y, zoom, rotation. For a full-park screenshot, only pass in values for zoom and rotation. Does not work on a headless server.

Docker Setup

There are some additional steps for running this configuration in Docker. The plugin configuration needs to have the hostname set to (see config/openrct2/ for an example). Then the OpenRCT2 configuration must be set to allow binding to that address (see config/openrct2/config.ini).