An OpenRCT2 plug-in to play Minesweeper within RCT.

OpenRCT2 Minesweeper

An OpenRCT2 plug-in to play Minesweeper within RCT.


  1. Make sure that your OpenRCT2 version is up-to-date. You need at least version 0.3.3 or a recent development version.
  2. Go to the releases page and download the minesweeper-1.0.0.js file from the latest release. Save it in the plugin subfolder of your OpenRCT2 user directory.\ On Windows, this is usually at C:Users\{User}\Documents\OpenRCT2\plugin.
  3. Start OpenRCT2 and open a scenario. The plug-in can be found in the map menu in the upper toolbar of OpenRCT2.

Rules and Gameplay

The game consists of a rectangular grid of covered square fields. Under each square, there is either a mine, or a number that indicates the amount of mines in the surrounding 8 squares.\ The goal is to find the position of all mines without letting any of them explode.

Click once on a covered field to flag it as containing a mine. Click once again to open the field and reveal what is under it.\ For faster gameplay, if you click on a number that is surrounded by the corresponding number of flags, all remaining covered neighbours will be opened.

If you open a field that contains a mine, it will explode. Then, the game is over and you lose. The game is won, when you have opened all fields that do not contain a mine. (Note that it is not neccessary to flag all mines.)


Grid sizes: Tiny, Small, Medium, Large and Huge.\ Difficulties: Beginner, Advanced and Expert.

The number of mines that are placed in the grid is affected by both the grid size and the difficulty.

User Interface

Above the game grid, there are five additional elements:

  • The number of mines that are left in the field and not marked yet. (This number will go down for each flag you place, even if you did a mistake and it has no mine under it.)
  • The Settings button: Opens the Settings window, where you can choose the size and difficulty of the game.
  • The New Game button: Click it to restart the game.
  • The Highscores button: Opens the Highscores window, where you can find the fastest times and other statistics about your games.
  • The time since the beginning of the game. The timer starts when you first click a square and stops when you open a mine or win the game.

Planned Features

  • Whatever you propose.

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Support Me

If you find any bugs or if you have any ideas for improvements, you can open an issue on GitHub or contact me on Discord: Sadret#2502.

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Copyright and License

Copyright (c) 2021 Sadret\ The OpenRCT2 plug-in "Minesweeper" is licensed under the GNU General Public License version 3.