An OpenRCT2 plug-in that manages and automatically updates prices for park entry, rides and shops.

OpenRCT2 Price Manager

An OpenRCT2 plug-in that manages and automatically updates prices for park entry, rides and shops.


This plug-in is based on the famous Ride Price Manager of mgovea.


  • Automatic daily updates
  • Manage ride prices
    • Make transport rides free
    • 'Good Value' pricing
    • Lazy tax
    • Limit prices to a custom value
  • Manage shop prices
    • Overcharge for umbrellas
  • Manage toilet prices
  • Manage park fees
    • Bound park fee by initial guest cash
  • RCT1: Charge for rides, park entry or both
  • Make all rides free
  • Full multiplayer support


  1. Make sure that your OpenRCT2 version is up-to-date. You need at least version 0.3.4 or a recent development version.
  2. Go to the releases page.\ If your OpenRCT version is 0.4.4 or a recent development version, download the file openrct2-price-manager-1.1.2.js from the latest release. Otherwise, download the file openrct2-price-manager-1.1.1.js from the release "v1.1.1 Bugfix".\ Save it in the plugin subfolder of your OpenRCT2 user directory. On Windows, this is usually at C:Users\{User}\Documents\OpenRCT2\plugin.
  3. Start OpenRCT2 and open a scenario.


The plug-in will start working without further ado. To open the settings window, click on "Price Manager" in the map menu in the upper toolbar of OpenRCT2. There you can fine-tune the behavior of the Price Manager or disable it altogether.


The Price Manager works in multiplayer games if and only if the server has the plug-in installed. There is no need for the connecting clients to have the plug-in installed.\ Each user will be able to open the settings window, but you can restrict the right to change settings to admins.


  • Enable automatic daily updates: Automatically updates the prices every in-game day.
  • Enable ride price management: In scenarios where the guests are charged for each ride, the plug-in manages the prices for all rides and enables the following settings:
    • Make transport rides free: Charges nothing for any transport ride. This includes the Miniature Railway, the (Suspended) Monorail and the (Chair)Lift.
    • Enable 'Good Value' pricing: Charges only a quarter of the ride value, which makes the guests think that the ride has 'Good Value'.
    • Enable lazy tax: Reduces the ride prices by the given amount, to balance the vast advantage that the plug-in provides.
    • Limit prices: Limits the ride prices to the given amount. Default is 20.00€/$, which is what can be achieved through OpenRCT2's user interface.
  • Enable shop price management: The plug-in manages the prices for all shops and all on-ride photos, and enables the following setting:
    • Overcharge for umbrellas: Sets the price for umbrellas to 20.00€/$, which guests are always willing to pay when it rains.
  • Enable toilet price management: The plug-in sets the price for all toilets to the given amount.
  • Enable park fee management: In scenarios where the guests are charged for park entrance, the plug-in manages the park entrance fee and enables the following setting:
    • Bound by ... initial guest cash: The park entrance fee is bound by the minimum, average, or maximum initial guest cash.
  • RCT1: Charge for: In RCT1-scenarios, the guests will be charged for rides, park entry, or both.
  • Multiplayer: Player needs admin rights: On a multiplayer server, only players with admin rights are allowed to change the configuration.
  • Update all prices NOW: The plug-in updates the prices immediately, according to the previous settings.
  • Make all rides FREE: Charges nothing for all rides. Make sure to have ride price management disabled, or else the prices will reset the next day.

Known Problems

  • None.

Planned Features

  • Whatever you propose.

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Copyright and License

Copyright (c) 2021 - 2023 Sadret\ The OpenRCT2 plug-in "Price Manager" is licensed under the GNU General Public License version 3.