An OpenRCT2 plugin for copying/pasting the entire terrain between different maps. Maps must be identical size.


©2021 by narhiril (Velvet), distributed under MIT license.

Very barebones OpenRCT2 plugin for copying/pasting terrain between different maps. Maps must be identical size. This plugin adds a window with three buttons - copy, paste, clear.

The intended use for this plugin is to take surface element data (terrain height, slope, water height, etc.) from one map and copy it to another map. You might wish to do this if, say, you want to import terrain from an existing map to a workbench of your choice.

There are a few properties of surface elements that EarthMover does not copy - namely, grass length, land ownership data, and park fences. There's no technical reason why it can't, but I thought that for the most common usages of this plugin, it would actually be advantageous not to save these.

EarthMover does not save scenery, track data, or anything else but terrain. You're on your own with that other stuff.

This probably goes without saying, but if you use this plugin to import terrain onto a map you've already built on, you may get weird results. Also, you will get buggy, undesirable results if the map being saved has tiles containing multiple surface entities, which, as far as I know, is only possible through something like tile inspector and isn't usually done intentionally. I may add a check for this later.

Tested on a 150x150 map without obvious issues, but might see a lag spike during save/load on extremely large maps as the arrays used in the script get quite large.

As of v0.6, this should work properly, please report any issues. I'm going to see if I can clean it up a bit and call it 1.0.