Ride Stat Requirements

Plugin Window

A small popup displaying what stats are required for each ride. No more manual searching for your current ride!

Inspired by jacknull1991's Ride Requirement Plugin, with a few upgrades.



Thanks to Crazycolbster and Smitty for allowing use of their ride type enum map linked here!

Typescript boilerplate taken from Basssiiie's Typescript Template


Download the latest release file from Github. Grab StatRequirementChecklist.js and move it into your OpenRCT2 plugin folder.

Plugin Options

  • Open When Creating or Editing Ride: When creating a new ride or modifying an existing one, the window will open automatically. Closing the window will prevent it from popping up again, unless a different ride is chosen to be edited.
  • Open When Selecting Ride Preview: When choosing from the list of saved rides, the window will open automatically.
  • Change Ride Automatically: When a ride is under construction, the window will automatically display the stats for the current ride.
  • Close When Deleting Ride: When a ride is demolished, the window will automatically close.
  • Show Requirement Checklist: Shows a checklist of stats that have yet to be fulfilled. Currently a work in progress.

Future Plans

I plan to add an updating checklist of requirements for a selected ride. Maybe I will add a detailed Excitement/Intensity/Nausea breakdown as well.