A plugin for OpenRCT2 that tracks in-game statistics (currently only time).

OpenRCT2 Statistics

A way for you to track your in-game statistics (overall and per-park) such as:

  • Time you've spent in-game

...that's all you need, right?

Getting the plugin

> [!IMPORTANT] > Requires OpenRCT2 v0.4.0 or newer.

Download the .js file from the latest release and place it in the "plugin" folder. This can be found by opening OpenRCT2 and selecting "Open custom content folder" under the toolbox in the main menu.

Future development

Okay, so there might be other statistics you would want to track in-game. These have not been implemented yet. Some ideas which come to mind:

  • Scenarios beaten
  • Multiplayer messages sent
  • Rides built
  • Rides crashed
  • Guests drowned

Some of these would require an update to openrct2.d.ts to track, though some can be implemented right now with contributions!

If you're feeling motivated, you can contribute to this project following the guidelines in