Close All Windows Plugin for OpenRCT2

Close all Windows

A plugin for OpenRCT2 that closes all current windows open on your screen. Great for when moving large amounts of guests or if you have a cluttered screen and do not want to have to frantically click around to close them all.


Download the [latest release][] from GitHub. Then, place the .js file in your [OpenRCT2 plugin folder][].

  • On macOS, this is ~/Library/Application Support/OpenRCT2/plugin.
  • On Windows, this is %USERPROFILE%\Documents\OpenRCT2\plugin.
  • On Linux, this is $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/OpenRCT2/plugin. ($XDG_CONFIG_HOME is typically set to ~/.config)


This plugin adds a new dialog window to the "Map" menu, where all other plugins are located, allowing you to choose under the "Close All Windows" option. On click the plugin will close all of your current windows.


If you wish to contribute to this project, make sure it builds locally before pushing your changes.

To do this, install dependencies with NPM:

npm run install
npm run build

Then copy the folder to the plugins directory of OpenRCT2 and make sure that "hot reloading" is enabled in your configs.